U.I.M Rules

1.1 U.I.M. Classes

– U.I.M. F350 European Championship Series
– U.I.M. F500 World Championship Series
– U.I.M. 1000 European Championship Series

1.2 U.I.M. rules (Blue and White Pages) and the program.
Rules of the Czech Union of Motorboating.

1.3 The organizer and race directorate retain the right to announce additional rules and regulations specifically for the races mentioned in this program. These rules and regulations must be in conformity with the rules and regulations of the U.I.M. and are obligatory as any other rules and regulations of these races. Drivers must be informed about these additional rules and regulations by the race commissioner during the official drivers` briefings.

Class Nr. of heats Race distance (km) Nr. of laps

F 350

3 15,00


F 500 3 15,00


FR 1000 3 15,00


Date and Place

2.1 September 29th – 30th, 2018
2.2 Czech Republic, City of Jedovnice, Pond / Lake Olšovec, 49.333593, 16.763399

Participation in the U.I.M.: F350 / F500 / FR 1000

3.1 Drivers will be admitted to the races only after providing the following materials (original documents must be presented and copies handed over to race secretary prior to the first race of the venue):
3.1.1. Official letter of start approval from their country of origin.
3.1.2. Measurement certificate, international license, personal insurance.
3.1.3. Documents on medical examination.


4.1. Applications must be fully completed and approved by relevant national organizer.
4.2. Materials must be sent before 1st September (28 days prior to the event) to the Local Organizer.
4.3. To an e-mail jedovniceracing@seznam.cz or on-line.
All applications will be confirmed by an e-mail reply from the organizer. If a driver receive no confirmation, he/she is responsible to contact the organizer to verify the application.


5.1. All drivers are responsible for their own personal and accident insurance. Liability insurance must be in conformity with the U.I.M. rules and an original copy from the insurance company in English must be presented at the time of driver‘s registration. The benefit limit must be 40.000 Euros.

Race Course for the Grand Prix’s of the Czech Republic

6.1. The race circuit is the same for categories F350, F700 and FR 1000. It is formed by a circuit defined by four buoys in the length of 1.900 m. See an attached drawing of the racecourse, number of boats allowed to race: 20 as a maximum.

Drivers` meetings

7.1. Obligatory drivers` meetings will be held on 29th and 30th September according to the provisional time schedule attached to this program.
7.2. Place and time, if changed, for drivers` meetings will be announced during the driver`s registration.
7.3. Drivers` meetings must be chaired by the O.O.D. and the U.I.M. commissioner and the official language of the meetings must be English.
7.4. Drivers absent from the drivers` meeting will pay a penalty of 200 Euros.

PIT Area

8.1. PIT area must be closed, secured and restricted territory will be available only for the technical staff of the particular teams, drivers and their equipment. All technical preparation of the boats and their launch preparations on the water must be done in the pits.
8.2. Any open fire or smoking is strictly prohibited in the PIT area.
8.3. Every boat in the PIT area must have a fire extinguisher located in close vicinity of the boat.
8.4. Animals are not allowed in the PIT area.
8.6. PIT area will be closed during night hours from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and nobody without a permission of race officials will be allowed there.
8.7. PIT area passes must be provided by the organizers at the arrival – registration of teams. Each team is responsible for the number of members in its own team.
8.8. As per UIM Rule 108.03: „When entering the event, each driver have the duty to state the names of his mechanics and co-workers because of the entry permit to the pits. These names should be then confirmed and/or modified during the administrative verification on the race field.“
Each team`s staff and drivers must wear appropriate team clothing at the PIT area at all times.
8.9. Any further rules and requirements for entry permit to the PIT area and its use will be provided to the teams during the registration or drivers` meetings and posted on designated board in PIT area.
8.10. Any violation in the PIT area will be fined. Teams must be informed about the possible fines at the time of registration and posted on designated board in the PIT area. Pits officer bears full responsibility for ensuring compliance with rules in the PIT area. Decisions of pit officer must be without appeal.

Valid for all people in the pits:

A Blue Card can be given by the UIM Commissioner for any offensive, unsportsmanlike, and rude behavior during any official activities (briefing, race control during event, etc.)
A second Blue Card will immediately remove the offender from the following activities. For the continuation will meet the race jury and determine if further disciplinary action is justified (UIM Rule 406.05).

Launching of the boats into the water

9.1. Launch of the boats into the water must be performed with cranes in specially marked places only.
9.2. One crane will be available to launch the boats at 8 a.m., 5th September, 2015.
9.3. Instructions for crane operators must be held at all times during the launch of the boats into the water. Equipment must correspond with the UIM rules (rule 205.12).


10.1. Teams must buy and bring the fuel by themselves.
10.2. Fuel must be checked and tested during the event by the Technical Committee according to the UIM rules. Fuel has to be bought at the fuel station EuroOil, Za Kostelem, Jedovnice. The price at these days is decisive. You have to drive this fuel exclusively! You will get there the following octane number: 98. This adjustment counts only for the class FR 1000.


11.1. Practice will be allowed only after technical inspection of the boat within a defined area for the race.
11.2. Practice will be allowed only during the official practice sessions according to the final time schedule of the event. Course will be closed for practice during any other time and for any boat otherwise will be the subjects disqualified.


12.1. At the start engine will be turned off. Start from a jetty as per UIM Rules white and blue pages for the 2 different categories.
The boats and drivers must be at the jetty two minutes before the start. Each driver can have 3 mechanics available. The engines can warm up from two minutes to 30 seconds before the start. All engines have to be turned off 30 seconds before the start. Drivers that turn on the engine will be disqualified. At the end of the 30 seconds the red light will switch on. The race will start when the red light is switched off, within 5 to a maximum 12 seconds. Drivers who turn on their engine or leave the jetty while the red light is on will be penalized with 1 lap. The race will be finished after the first boat crosses the finish line. All following drivers still in the race will be classified according to their position in the race. Drivers who didn‘t start after the starting signal must leave the jetty within 5 minutes.
12.2. The start will be signaled with lights.
12.3. On the start jetty each driver can be accompanied by not more than two mechanics.
12.4. It is the driver`s responsibility to place the boat on the start in time. Late starters can be allowed only in compliance with the instructions of the Pontoon Marshall.
12.5. Starting the engines on the shore is only possible without a propeller or with the cover.


13.1. After the first driver who completes the race distance, each boat is driven by the power of its own engine and if is completed at least 70% of the laps, the winning boat will be classified as finished.
13.1. The testing of boat hulls and engines of the first three drivers who will participate in the European Championship will be compulsory within the scope set by the U.I.M. rules. The testing will be placed in a closed pits. Boats must remain without any changes (see UIM rule 321.01). All drivers deliver sample of oil in fuel to the technical inspection.


14.1. At the training but also during the race must be each boat prepared for the weighing procedure which must be carried out by the technical committee. The weighing of the boats cannot be contradicted.

Results and Protests

15.1. Results will be published on designated board in the PIT area.
15.2. Any protest must be submitted to the race secretary in English (according to the UIM rule 403).
15.3. Protest fee is 80 Euros and must be paid at the time of submission of the protest.

International Jury

16.1. Participation in the international jury is subject to the official mandate from the National Federation. All members of the international jury must present their accreditation to the race secretary before the first drivers` meeting (5th September, 2015).


17.1. First tree places of the race will be awarded with cups and prizes.
17.2. All drivers and members of the team must attend each event, the Prize giving ceremony usually after the end of the final Grand Prix race.
17.3. Everyone must attend the Prize giving ceremony in their team`s uniform, in their national uniform or in racing overall. Drivers wearing unsuitable clothing at Prize giving ceremony will not be awarded.
Awarded competitors must respect promotional items from an official sponsor and organizer during the time on the stage.

Noise and Environment

18.1. Driver of each boat is responsible that the engine will not exceed noise level at all times (as specified in the UIM rule 504).
18.2. Utmost care must be taken to avoid spilling fuel or oil. To ensure this, an absorbent carpet must be used (UIM rule 700).
18.3. Each member of each team is responsible to take care of the environment around their tents, boats, and equipment.

Alcohol and Drugs

19.1. Drivers and mechanics should follow the rule No. 205.02.02 of the UIM Rule Book concerning alcohol and drugs. Random tests may be carried-out at any time during the event.


20.1. Any driver who damage or destroy a buoy (including anchor and weight parts) will be fined with 200 Euros payable immediately to the race secretary. For all buoy infringement cases UIM Rule 313.03 must be followed.


21.1. The nearest hotel of the event is 2 minutes walk from the Pit Area.
Lodging by phone/fax: + 420 516 442 134, + 420 725 896 488 or mail: kemp@olsovec.cz in hotel, caravan or bungalow. rezervace@olsovec.cz. See also “Accommodation page.

Travel Costs and Fees

22.1. As per the relevant UIM rules for class FR 1000.
22.2. For drivers participating in more than 1 category out of the 2, starting fee will be provided as per UIM Rule 108.02, counting as 1 entry.

Additional Rules

23.1. An organizer reserves the right to make any changes in the rules and regulations of this competition. All changes will be published in writing and announce during the drivers` briefings.
23.2. Organizer appreciates the use of participants` national flags and team clothes.
23.3. By signing the application form the participants confirm that they will accept the rules and regulations of this program, organizer`s instructions and UIM rules.
23.4. Organizers have no responsibility for the drivers, mechanics, or any other participants of the event, for any material damages incurred during or in connection with the event.
Boat drivers and other participants acknowledge that they are fully aware of possible risks associated with participation in the races and they take part in the races at their own risk.
23.5. The Organizer gives stickers of local sponsors of the event which should be attached onto the boat as mandatory regulation of the Organizer as per relevant UIM rules.

Visa Requirements

24.1. It is the responsibility of each team and driver to gain visa for the entry to Czech Republic, if necessary.
24.2. Please contact the nearest Czech embassy or consulate to find out whether you need the visa to enter Czech Republic.
24.3. If you have any doubts or any questions about your visa to enter the Czech Republic, please contact the organizers and they will do their best to help you in the process.
24.4. Note that, if you need a visa and invitation for obtaining the visa, you must contact the organizers in time. Process of obtaining the visa can be time consuming and, thus, organizers may not assist you, if not inadequate time is allocated to the procedure.


– failing to use the absorbent carpet 200 EUR / 5.500 CZK
– disobeying the instructions of commissioner at the start 20 EUR / 550 CZK
emptying the oil on the ground disqualification and 200 EUR / 5.500 CZK
– drivers that will not be on the drivers‘ briefing 200 EUR / 5.500 CZK
destruction of the course turn buoy 200 EUR / 5.500 CZK